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Classic car rental and Limousine service

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RENAULT - Floride cabriolet 850 from 1962 (4px)


VEHICLE TECHNICAL DATA                                                                                                                           


-Production year: 1962                                                                                                                                     

- Displacement: 845 c.c.                                                                                                                                                   

- Power: 38 hp                                                                                                                                                             

- Approved seats: n° 4                                                                                                                                                  

- Type of service:  with or without driver





In the mid-fifties the Renault range consisted of two models: the small 4CV and the largest and most elegant Frégate. It was a rather small range, with an empty space to be filled.

For this reason, Renault started a project for the production of a niche car that inspired cheerfulness, carefree, desire for holidays and leisure, a car that combined the economy of use with the elegance of a cabriolet, with commercial outlet also in the US.


In 1959 the huge success of Dauphine caused the main factory, where it was produced, to be fully exploited to support the strong demand, so the production of Floride had to be diverted to two external companies. In the middle of the same year, after a series of disputes between the designers and the bodyworker of the model (external to Renault), series production was finally started.

The Floride was proposed from the outset both as a 2-seater spyder and as a coupé, later in 1960 the spyder left place to the 2 + 2 convertible.

His line took up the typical features of sports cars of the time, with a fine fusion of European and American style.


A great push for the image of the Floride, both the one destined for Europe and the one destined in the States (renamed "Caravelle"), came from the famous French actress Brigitte Bardot, who became its advertising testimonial and even she wanted one as a personal car. It had a notable success in its market segment, although in the US after the first years it suffered a substantial drop due to the too small engine for the American driving style.



-1 day               €450

-2 days             €590   

-3 days             €720

-extra days     €120/day


• free rent of the vehicle without conductor
• mechanical assistance
• RC standard ensurance cover
• 1 day rent - delivery from 09:00  and  return before 19:00 to the  office; (fine €20,00 for each half hour late)
• rent for 2 or more days: delivery from  09:00 of the first day and return before 19:00  of the last day to the office; (fine €20,00 for each half hour late)-
• 150 km per day  (extra km  € 1,00 per km)

• fuel consumption; full on full, fine € 10.00  over the fuel consumption.
• toll, parking fees and eventual fines are in charge of customer (if not using a driver service)


• kasko insurance available, with extra cost of € 50.00 per day;  insurance deductible 20% of the damage. Minimum uncovered € 400.00
• delivery and pick up offsite: € 2.00 per km
• driver service € 120.00
• wedding decoration with tissue bows and stripes  included in the price
• wedding decoration with flowers  (price depending on the request)


• minimum 23 years old 
• driving license since 5 years
• credit card as guarantee (Visa and MasterCard)  or cash deposit to define.