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Classic car rental and Limousine service

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FIAT - 850 spyder bertone from 1968 - (2px)


VEHICLE TECHNICAL DATA                                                                                                                            


- Production year: 1989                                                                                                                               

- Displacement: 3.405 c.c.                                                                                                                                                   

- Power: 300 hp                                                                                                                                                             

- Approved seats: n° 4   

- Gear: Manual with 5 gears                                                                                                                                       

- Type of service: with or without driver






The Ferrari Mondial (F108) has been produced by the Italian company since 1980, when it was decided to replace the Ferrari Dino GT4 on the market, a model that had not a great commercial success, according to Enzo Ferrari due to the too aggressive aesthetic line designed by Bertone.

Thus a generously sized 2 + 2 was created (for a Ferrari) designed this time by Pininfarina. The model contains some peculiarities, it was the only Ferrari 2 + 2 with rear engine in the history of the horse and anticipated a series of technical and stylistic innovations that characterized the reds of Maranello throughout the 80s and part of the 90s.

In particular, the side air intakes with the typical "comb" shape, first of a trapezoidal shape and then modified to a rectangular shape in the latest version, the double retractable headlights with electric mechanism, the redesigned more squared dashboard and with central tunnel which no longer housed the classic mechanical levers for the various services but the new electronic buttons, the unprecedented variable calibration suspension, and a rather large trunk in the rear, behind the engine.


Initially equipped with the same 3.0 engine as the Dino GT4, the Mondial had a power of only 215 hp and was offered only in the coupé version. The initial lack of success due to performance and a still uninspiring line led Ferrari to immediately review the technical equipment, changing the engine from 2 to 4 valves per cylinder (hence the name Mondial 4 valves) passing from 215 to 240 hp and versions with sunroof and convertible were added to the model range, much more popular with customers.

In 1985 a new aesthetic and mechanical restyling was made, the displacement grew to 3.2 with 270hp with improved and more efficient electronics, the bumpers with black bands were eliminated as a function of matching bumpers and the front nose was redesigned with a new one. aluminum grille with the logo of the horse which then also equipped various other models of those years, including the 328, testarossa and GTB-GTS.

Various body panels including the various bonnets passed from steel to aluminum and various composite elements were also included, such as the side air intakes and headlights, for a greater overall lightness of the body.


The improved performances, renewed aesthetics and many new aesthetic and technical goodies greatly increased the appeal of the car which finally began to have good commercial success throughout Europe and also abroad.

The last evolution of the Mondial was in 1989 the "T" version, so called because of the new engine further increased in displacement from 3.2 to 3.4 with transverse gearbox, designed for the new Ferrari 348 which was launched only six months after the Mondial T .

This new engine boasted as many as 300 hp, even more modern electronics with the elimination of the on-board computer and no longer mechanical but electronic injection management.

Thanks to the transition to the dry sump, the center of gravity of the car was significantly lowered, by 12cm, the chassis was modified to allow easy extraction of the engine in case of disassembly and maintenance, and the interiors were redesigned for better habitability.


Considered the first Ferrari World car, the Mondial received a great response from the public overall and was used both in grand-touring competitions and in cinema films. Al Pacino's driving scene in New York is very famous in the film "perfume of a woman", as well as as a "popemobile" on the occasion of John Paul II's visit to the Ferrari factories in 1988.



-1 day               €750

-2 days             €1150   

-3 days             €1500

-extra days     €300/gg


• free rent of the vehicle without conductor
• mechanical assistance
• RC standard ensurance cover
• 1 day rent - delivery from 09:00  and  return before 19:00 to the  office; (fine €20,00 for each half hour late)
• rent for 2 or more days: delivery from  09:00 of the first day and return before 19:00  of the last day to the office; (fine €20,00 for each half hour late)-
• 150 km per day  (extra km  € 2,00 per km)

• fuel consumption; full on full, fine € 10.00  over the fuel consumption.
• toll, parking fees and eventual fines are in charge of customer (if not using a driver service)


• kasko insurance available, with extra cost of € 100.00 per day;  insurance deductible 20% of the damage. Minimum uncovered € 1000.00
• delivery and pick up offsite: € 2.00 per km
• driver service €120.00
• wedding decoration with tissue bows and stripes  included in the price
• wedding decoration with flowers  (price depending on the request)


• minimum 23 years old 
• driving license since 5 years
• credit card as guarantee (Visa and MasterCard)  or cash deposit to define.